Symbols of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


RELG 204: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Team Taught: Frederick S. Tappenden (course convener; Christianity), Eric Caplan (Judaism), and Charles Fletcher (Islam)
Offerings at McGill: Winter 2017

This is an undergraduate introduction to the three faith traditions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  The course is team taught, usually between faculty members from the McGill School of Religious Studies, the Department of Jewish Studies, and the McGill Institute of Islamic Studies.  Traditions are presented in successive order (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), with 6–7 lectures devoted to each, followed by a series of comparative lectures.  The goal of this course is to highlight these traditions both in their own right and within a broader comparative perspective.

McGill Description: An introduction to the beliefs, practices, and religious institutions of these three world religions.

SYLLABUS (Winter 2017):

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RELG 204 - Syllabus 2017