The Four Evangelists
Book of Kells, Folio 27v (ca. 800 CE)

RELG 312: New Testament Studies II (Gospels)
Offerings at McGill: Winter 2015, 2016

New Testament Studies II is a sustained treatment of the New Testament Gospels.  We approach the Gospels as literature that is viewed best within the historical, social, and literary contexts of the first century CE.  Careful attention is given to reading the gospels independently and synoptically; we also focus on several extra-canonical gospels. Specific themes developed in this course include honour/shame, politics/empire, historiography, memory, and the figure of Jesus vis-à-vis early Christ-devotee communities.

McGill Description: An introduction to the critical study of the Gospels.

SYLLABUS (Winter 2016):

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RELG 312 - Syllabus Winter 2016