In recent years, academic libraries have moved toward open-access publishing and the digitization of scholarly works in the public domain. The “Texts & Translations” portion of this website serves as a hub for this growing body of online literature, with a particular emphasis on texts and writings that come from the ancient Mediterranean.

All of the linked content in these pages exists elsewhere online; I am simply organizing these disparate resources into a single location in an effort to improve accessibility. The novelty of this catalogue of “Texts & Translations” is in the following:

  • All texts are presented in a blog format, which enables ease of categorization and offers a simple, searchable interface.
  • I link primarily to texts that have been made available by the publishers themselves, or which have been digitized by academic libraries (e.g., University of Toronto, Harvard University, University of Michigan, etc.) in databases such as the HathiTrust Digital Library or the Internet Archive.
  • Where possible, preference is given to texts in databases such as HathiTrust, Archive, or other common sites such as the Perseus Digital Library.  This means that most texts have stable identifiers or simple URL addresses, thus helping ensure the longterm stability of the catalogue.
  • Whenever possible, I have given preference to digital versions that are designed for online use. This is particularly helpful when working with the Loeb Classical Library; one of the chief reasons for linking to HathiTrust and Archive is that these sites utilize a digital interface that maximizes the Loeb layout  (as seen in the following example from Archive):

Texts can be accessed in three different ways: (1) a full list of texts can be found at the All Texts & Translations page; (2) in the menu and side bars, texts can be accessed by categories such as Loeb Classical Library, Ancient Jewish Writings, or the like; or (3) users can employ the “Search” feature in the menu bar above.

This catalogue of texts and translations is an ongoing project and will be updated periodically. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of online texts, please feel free to contact me (address below).