Grotto of St. Paul and St. Thecla
Ephesus (6th cent. CE)

I have taught several iterations of my New Testament Introduction, all of which are listed below.  Most recently this course has been offered at St. Stephen’s College.


SS 505: Introduction to Christian Scriptures
Offerings at St. Stephen’s: Summer 2019

St. Stephen’s Description: This introduction presents the unity and diversity of the texts, beliefs, and practices of early Christianity. Christianity’s origins and the social formation of Jesus movements and Christ cults are explored in the context of the Jewish, Greek, and Roman world. Jesus’ sayings, deeds, and parables (Book of Q and Gospel of Thomas) as well as Paul’s theology and the creative theologies of the Gospel writers will be analyzed.


RELG 311: New Testament Studies I (Epistles, Acts, Hebrews, and Revelation)
Offerings at McGill: Fall 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

New Testament Studies I is an advanced undergraduate survey of the writings of the New Testament (excluding the Gospels).  Emphasis is placed on reading the writings of the New Testament within their historical, social, written/compositional, and theological/religious contexts, with attention given to the diversity of early Christian thought and praxis.  Significant attention is given to the Pauline writings.  Specific themes that are developed include issues of orality/textuality, honour/shame, individualism/collectivism, gender, ethnicity, and empire.

McGill Description: An introduction to the interpretation of the New Testament (excluding the canonical Gospels, which are covered in RELG 312).


RELS 102: Introduction to New Testament Studies
Offerings at TWU: Winter 2009, 2010

This first-year undergraduate course is a survey of the writings of the New Testament. Emphasis is placed on reading the writings of the New Testament in their historical, social, written/compositional, and theological contexts, and upon a selection of critical methods used to interpret these writings. The course is designed for larger class sizes and is structured as follows: two 50-minute lectures/week (all students) and accompanying 50-minute discussion groups (20–25 students each).

TWU Description: An introduction to the major writings of the New Testament (Synoptic Gospels, Pauline, and Johannine Writings), including an orientation to the field of New Testament studies in the same areas as under RELS 101 [namely, principles of interpretation, canon, text, world of the New Testament, historical backgrounds, archeology, theology, criticism, literary forms, and apocryphal writings].

Syllabus (Summer 2019):

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SS 505 - Syllabus 2019