Lucian of Samosata.
From the title page of T. Franklin, The Works of Lucian (1781)

Greek and English:

Harmon, A. M., K. Kilburn, M. D. MacLeod, trans. Lucian. 8 vols. LCL. London: Heinemann, 1913–1967.

Vol. 1: Phalaris; Hippias, or The Bath; Dionysus; Heracles; Amber, or The Swans; The Fly; Nigrinus; Demonax; The Hall; My Native Land; Octogenarians; A True Story; Slander; The Consonants at Law; The Carousal (Symposium), or The Lapiths

Vol. 2: The Downward Journey, or The Tyrant; Zeus Catechized; Zeus Rants; The Dream, or The Cock; Prometheus; Icaromenippus, or The Sky-man; Timon, or The Misanthrope; Charon, or The Inspectors; Philosophies for Sale

Vol. 3: The Dead Come to Life, or The Fisherman; The Double Indictment, or Trials by Jury; On Sacrifices; The Ignorant Book Collector; The Dream or Lucian’s Career; The Parasite; The Lover of Lies; The Judgement of the Goddesses; On Salaried Posts in Great Houses

Vol. 4: Anacharsis, or Athletics; Menippus, or The Descent into Hades; On Funerals; A Professor of Public Speaking; Alexander the False Prophet; Essays in Portraiture; Essays in Portraiture Defended; The Goddesse of Surrye

Vol. 5: The Passing of Peregrinus; The Runaways; Toxaris, or Friendship; The Dance; Lexiphanes; The Eunuch; Astrology; The Mistaken Critic; The Parliament of the Gods; The Tyrannicide; Disowned

Vol. 6: How to Write History; The Dipsads; Saturnalia; Herodotus, or Aetion; Zeuxis, or Antiochus; A Slip of the Tongue in Greeting; Apology for the “Salaried Posts in Great Houses”; Harmonides; A Conversation with Hesiod; The Scythian, or The Consul; Hermotimus, or Concerning the Sects; To One Who Said “You’re a Prometheus in Words”; The Ship or The Wishes

Vol. 7: Dialogues of the Dead; Dialogues of the Sea-Gods; Dialogues of the Gods; Dialogues of the Courtesans

Vol. 8: Soloecista; Lucius, or The Ass; Amores; Halcyon; Demosthenes; Podagra; Ocypus; Cyniscus; Philopatris; Charidemus; Nero

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Jacobitz, Karl, ed. Luciani Samosatensis Opera. 3 vols. BSGRT. Leipzig: Teubner, 1909 (1887–1901).

Vol. 1:;
Vol. 2:;
Vol. 3:

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Vol. 1:;
Vol. 2:;
Vol. 3: