Rylands P52 (recto)
ca. 2nd century CE
John 18.31–33

RELG 280: Elementary New Testament Greek
Offerings at McGill: Fall 2015–Winter 2016

This two-term (6 credit) course is an introduction to the grammar and syntax of Hellenistic Greek.  Emphasis is placed on developing reading competency, vocabulary, and general familiarity with Hellenistic syntax.  Weekly lectures follow the course textbook (N. Clayton Croy’s A Primer of Biblical Greek [Eerdmans]), though this is supplemented with short lectures, handouts, in-class exercises (e.g., reverse translations), quizzes, and readings drawn from the Greek New Testament.

McGill Description: An introduction to the grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek.

SYLLABUS (2015–2016):

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RELG 280 - 2015