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Religion in the Text and on the Ground:
The Convergence of Historiography and Ethnography in Religious Studies

The Second Plenary Meeting of the Cultural Evolution of Religion Research Consortium
McGill University
8–10 May 2015


The 2015 CERC Plenary Meeting, titled Religion in the Text and on the Ground, brings together an international collection of historians, philosophers, literary scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists, ethnographers, cognitive scientists, and psychologists to engage in targeted and substantive interdisciplinary discussion.  As the midterm plenary of the Cultural Evolution of Religion Research Consortium, this meeting constitutes a timely and crucial opportunity to bring CERC researchers together into a single location to coordinate scholarly efforts, to take stock of where we have been, and to solidify research trajectories for the years to come.  Building upon the success of the 2013 Plenary in Vancouver, the Montreal meeting similarly fostered genuine and sustained conversation between the Humanities and the Sciences.  In addition to the formal program of scholarly papers and posters, this meeting hosted two public outreach events: a keynote lecture by Charles Taylor (McGill University) and an educational, peer-reviewed concert by the Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman, entitled “The Rap Guide to Religion.”

CERC Managing Committee           
Edward Slingerland
Joseph Henrich
Ara Norenzayan
Mark Collard

McGill Co-Organisers
Frederick S. Tappenden
Torrance Kirby


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