Geneva Bible
1560 edition

THEO 250: Introduction to the Bible

Offerings at King’s: Fall 2017; Winter 2018

This first-year undergraduate course surveys the writings of the Hebrew Bible, Apocrypha, and New Testament. Students engage in two main pursuits: (i) they are introduced to the modern academic study of the Bible, including awareness of a variety of critical issues, interpretive methods/strategies, and scholarly perspectives; and (ii) they explore various interdisciplinary intersections between the Bible and matters of contemporary concern (intellectual, societal, and theological/religious). Emphasis is place on the many stories that intersect within the biblical canon; students work to identify and trace major narrative patterns and turns within the canon, to trace those patterns across the various voices within the canon, and to connect those narrative themes with issues of contemporary society and religious devotion.

King’s Description: An exploration of the genres, storylines, themes, and theological patterns within the Bible.  We shall engage the biblical text both as ancient literature and as Christian scripture which reveals the truth of God, the world, and humanity.


Syllabus (Winter 2018):

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THEO 250 - Syllabus 2018