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Fred Tappenden

“Coming Back to Life in and through Death” (McGill University Library)

“Select Bibliography of Embedded Online Works” (McGill University Library)

Rabbinic and Later Jewish Literature



Apollonius of Rhodes


Lucian of Samosata

Apostolic and Church Fathers

Homer and Hesiod

Latin Inscriptions

Greek Inscriptions


New Testament

Hebrew Bible



Resurrection in Paul
(SBL Press)

Coming Back to Life
(McGill University Library)

“Embodiment, Folk Dualism, and the Convergence of Cosmology and Anthropology in Paul’s Resurrection Ideals”
(BibInt 23)

“On the Difficulty of Molding a Rock”
(SBL Press)

“Luke and Paul in Dialogue”

“Aural-Performance, Conceptual Blending, and Intertextuality”
(T&T Clark)

Religion in the Text and on the Ground

Coming Back to Life

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the Study of Religion

New Testament Introduction

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Christianity in the Second and Third Centuries

Introduction to the Bible

Elementary Hellenistic Greek


Introduction to Christianity

Embodied Gods, Incarnate Minds

Jesus of Nazareth

Advanced Greek Readings

New Testament Exegesis

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