A depiction of Apuleius.

Latin and English:

Adlington, W., trans. Apuleius: The Golden Ass. Revised by S. Gaselee. LCL. London. Heinemann, 1924.

NoteAs always, see the Digital Loeb Classical Library for up-to-date texts and indexing. In the case of Apuleius, there is a newer edition translated by J. Arthur Hanson (1989–1996).



Butler, Harold E., and A. S. Owen, eds. Apulei Apologia sive pro se de magia liber. Oxford: Clarendon, 1914.

Helm, Rudolf, and Paul Thomas, eds. Apulei Opera Quae Supersunt. 3 vols. BSGRT. Leipzig: Teubner, 1913–1921.

Vol. 1: Metamorphoseon libri XI

Vol. 2.1: Pro se de magia liber (Apologia) (not openly available online, but see above, Butler and Owen 1914)

Vol. 2.2: Florida

Vol. 3: De philosophia libri