The Women at the Tomb
Dura Europos Church

REL 342: Christianity in the Second and Third Centuries

Offerings at Concordia University of Edmonton: Fall 2017

This upper-level undergraduate course examines the various forms of Christ devotion evident in the second and third centuries. Particular emphasis placed on the many interlocking and criss-crossing paths that characterise early Christian diversity. Throughout the term, students read and engage a breadth of ancient literature that is both written by and about Christ worshipers. We explore themes such as the politics of religious identity, gender and sexuality, violence and suffering, interfaith dialogue, the formation of communal memory, and religious devotion in both the ancient and modern worlds.

Concordia Description: Historical analysis of the concepts and practices of mainstream Christianity prior to Constantine, in its context of alternative Christianities and the larger Roman society.

Syllabus (Fall 2017):

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REL 342 - Syllabus 2017