I am the Principal and Dean, and Professor of Theology, at St. Stephen’s College at the University of Alberta.  As a scholar of religion and the Bible, my research focuses on religion in the ancient Mediterranean, especially the development of Christianity in the first three centuries of the common era.

Prior to coming to St. Stephen’s College, I spent five years at McGill University as both a FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow (2012–2014) and a Faculty Lecturer (2014–2017); since 2017 I have been an affiliate member of McGill’s School of Religious Studies. I have also been a research affiliate with the Cultural Evolution of Religion Research Consortium at the University of British Columbia (2014–2015), and a Lecturer at both Concordia University of Edmonton and The King’s University. I hold a PhD in Religions and Theology (Manchester, 2012), a MA in Biblical Studies (Trinity Western, 2007), and a BA in Religion and Theology (Taylor University College and Seminary, 2004).

In addition to highlighting my research and teaching, this website serves as a hub for online, open-access editions of ancient Mediterranean writings.